Bushra Ansari’s Sister Actress Sumbal Shahid Died Due to coronavirus

Last Updated on 23/01/2022

Bushra Ansari's Sister Actress Sumbal Shahid Died Due to coronavirus

Actress Sumbal Shahid, Sister of senior Pakistani actresses Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas, has died of the coronavirus.

Sumbal Shahid had been undergoing treatment at CMH Lahore for about a month due to coronavirus.

He was shifted to Vanity Fair on April 22 due to ill health and Sumbal Shahid passed away this afternoon (May 6).

TV host Syeda Bushra Iqbal said in a tweet on the social networking site that “Bushra Ansari’s sister Sumbal Shahid passed away from Corona in Lahore.”

He further wrote, “May Allah grant them a high position in Paradise, please all pray for their forgiveness.”

Screenwriter Saji Gul said in a post shared on Facebook that “Sumbal Apa is no more”.

He further wrote, “May Allah forgive and grant patience to the bereaved.”

Actress Sumbal Shahid Died
Actress Sumbal Shahid Died

Sumbul Shahid’s sister and actress Bushra Ansari had informed her sister Sumbul Shahid on April 10 that she was infected with the coronavirus and appealed to the fans to pray for her sister’s speedy recovery.

Bushra Ansari wrote in her post that “my dear sister Sunbal Shahid is fighting against coronavirus these days”.

Later, Asma Abbas said in an Instagram post on April 22 that her condition had deteriorated.

Asma Abbas wrote in her post that ‘my dear Baji is on a ventilator, please pray for her recovery.

Actress Asma Abbas also shared a photo of Sumbal Shahid in a post shared on Instagram.

Recently, Bushra Ansari shared an emotional message on social media in the name of his sister affected by Corona.

He shared a photo with Sumbal Shahid on his Instagram account and wrote, “My dear sister Sumbal Shahid, get up, we are worried, get well soon, for God’s sake, get well.”

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3 days ago, Bushra Ansari had said in a post that this is a picture of him a few days ago and he never thought that he would face such a disturbing situation regarding his sister Sambal.

She had acted in dramas like ‘Malika Alia’, ‘Ishqawe’ and ‘Take Ki Aaye Gi Barat’, ‘Dolly Ki Aaye Gi Barat’.

She was known for her performance in ‘Golden Girls’.

Sumbal Shahid’s last drama was ‘Nand’ in which she played the role of Shahruz Sabzwari’s mother.