Ertugrul Ghazi’s Actress Roshni Khatun’s Water Sliding Video in Bikini Goes Viral

Last Updated on 23/01/2022

Ertugrul Ghazi's Actress Roshni Khatun's Water Sliding Video in Bikini Goes Viral

Actress Roshni Khatun, who played the role of Seljan Khatun’s sister in the popular Turkish drama serial ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’, shared a video on social media while she was water sliding with her husband in a bikini, which caused a stir on social media.

According to the details, the actress who played the role of Roshni Khatun in Ertugrul Ghazi has made a home in the hearts of people in Pakistan. Roshni Khatun is also popular on social media because of her short dress and can be seen wearing bikinis in public places. Pakistanis who love him do not like this thing at all.

Some bold videos and pictures of the light woman are circulating on the social media app Instagram in which she is sliding water with her husband in a bikini but her attempt to dissipate the heat has raised the temperature on social media. The actress also shared a photo while taking a selfie in the boat in which the light woman is wearing inappropriate clothes.


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