I am Lucky that Allah Has Blessed me with Daughters. Shahid Afridi

I am lucky that Allah has blessed me with daughters. Shahid Afridi

KARACHI: Former national cricket team captain and social activist Shahid Afridi has won hearts by giving a beautiful answer to the question of not having a son.

Shahid Afridi has been blessed by God Almighty with 5 daughters. His five daughters Insha, Aqsa, Asmara, Ajuha, and the youngest Arwa Afridi who is just one and a half years old. All five are the eyesore of their father as well as the whole of Pakistan. 

Shahid Afridi loves his daughters immensely and often shares videos of the best moments with his daughters on social media.

Shahid Afridi gave an interview to a private channel a few days ago in which he said that I am very lucky that God has blessed me with daughters and I have seen my destiny changes with each daughter. 

The host asked Lala: Unfortunately, in our society, there is an environment where sons are given more emphasis and those who do not have male children are ridiculed.

Shahid Afridi in response to the question of the host said that we Pathans also emphasize on male offspring. People even make amulets to be a son. But I am strongly opposed to all these things. 

Allah Almighty says in the Qur’an: I say to the one whom I give children to, go now, do not worry, for I will be supported by the father, so these things cannot be said to be wrong, we have faith and belief in the Qur’an.

Lala added, “I think Allah Almighty has created a father-daughter relationship and a mother-son relationship.” At first my wife also missed not having a son but later she didn’t worry because her husband is satisfied and she doesn’t have a problem whether she has a son or not.

Lala said, “My wife knows that I love my daughters very much and I also explain to my wife that my wife is also satisfied that we do not have a son.”