Indian Actor Bikram Jeet Died Due to Coronavirus

Indian Actor Bikram Jeet Died Due to Coronavirus

MUMBAI: Retired Army officer Bikram Jeet Kanwar Pal, an equally popular actor in Indian films and dramas, fell asleep at the age of 52 after falling victim to Corona.

According to Indian media, actor Bikram Jeet Kanwarpal, who played an ever-supporting role in films and dramas, tested positive for corona and was admitted to the hospital. However, the actor could not recover and died during treatment.

Actor Bikram Jeet Kanwarpal’s death was first reported on Twitter by Bollywood filmmaker Ashok Pandit. 

On social media, many actors and directors have expressed their grief over the demise of Bikram Jeet Kanwar Pal and extended their heartfelt condolences to his family.

Bikram Jeet Kanwarpal retired from the Indian Army as a Major in 2002 and made his film debut in 2003. 

He starred in dozens of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films, including Dawn, Murder 2, The Joker, and 1971. He also starred in several successful television series.