Indian Actor and YouTuber Rahul Vohra Dies From Corona After a Disappointing Post

Indian Actor Rahul Vohra Dies From Corona After a Disappointing Post

Indian actor and YouTuber Rahul Vohra have died at the age of 35 due to the coronavirus that caused the global epidemic.

Prior to his death, Rahul Vohra had made a disappointing post on his official Facebook account about the coronavirus and its treatment.

According to, director and writer Arvind Gohar confirmed the death of Rahul Vohra through a Facebook post.

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He wrote that since he was diagnosed with the coronavirus, he has been facing serious health problems due to its complications.

Later, in a post, he wrote, “Rahul Vohra is no more, my talented actors are no more.”

Rahul Vohra have died

“Rahul had said yesterday that his life could have been saved if he had received better treatment,” he added.

Arvind Gohar said, “Rahul was shifted to Ayushman in Dwarka last evening but we could not save him. Please forgive us, we are all your culprits.”

In his last post, Rahul Vohra wrote, “If I had received good treatment, I too would have survived, your Rahul Vohra.”

Irahul Vohra Dies From Corona

Last week, Rahul Vohra shared a Facebook post asking for help in delivering an oxygen cylinder for himself.

“I am code positive, hospitalized, for about 4 days but no recovery,” he wrote.

Rahul Vohra wrote, ‘Is there such a hospital? Where oxygen is available because my oxygen level is constantly decreasing here and no one is watching.

Rahul Vohra

“I am compelled to post this because I can’t handle anything,” he added.

Actor Rahul Vohra from Uttarakhand was very popular on digital platforms.

It is believed that during the second wave of Corona in India, where ordinary people are vulnerable to the epidemic, political, social, and showbiz personalities are also falling prey to it and 16 actors have died due to Corona in the last two weeks. Settled down

India is currently suffering from the worst conditions during the second wave of Corona, where between two and three and a half thousand people are dying every day due to the epidemic for the past two weeks.