Ertugrul Ghazi's Halima Khatun Dance Video Goes Viral on Social Media
Halima sultan (Esra bilgic ) dance❤️💯|| Dirilis Ertugrul||Turkish series actress👌👍||Ertugrul ghazi

Dance Video of Halima Khatun goes viral on social media

The video of the dance of actress Isra Bilgich, who played the role of Halima Khatun in the Turkish historical drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi, went viral on social media. 

Due to her excellent performance in the drama and her beauty, Isra soon reached the heights of fame. After Ertugrul Ghazi's broadcast in Pakistan, Pakistanis have also joined Isra's fans. 


Isra shared a dance video on her Instagram account in which Isra is dancing with fellow actor Murad Yildirim in a white dress. The charming dance steps of the actress made the fans sway.

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