Italy: 6 Doses of Corona Vaccine Given to A Girl Mistakenly

Italy: 6 Doses of Corona Vaccine Given to A Girl Mistakenly

At the moment, while millions of people in many parts of the world are longing for a single dose of the corona vaccine, a young healthy girl in the European country of Italy has been given not one but six full doses.

According to the Italian website The Local, a newly admitted nurse at a hospital in the central Italian region of Tuscany mistakenly gave the young girl 6 doses at once.

The report said that the trainee nurse first administered paracetamol and other fever and pain medications to the young girl and then administered a full bottle of Pfizer and Bio-N-vaccine, which is equivalent to 6 doses, ie 3 people per bottle. The vaccine can be given.

According to Euronews, the trainee nurse accidentally injected a 23-year-old girl with a full bottle of the vaccine, but soon realized her mistake and informed senior officials, after which the girl was given a high dose. Transferred to care ward.

The report quoted local media as saying that the incident took place on May 10 and the girl, who was immediately given 6 doses at the same time, did not show any significant or major deterioration in her health, however, she did have a fever and body aches. Complaints of pain were made.

In this regard, CBS News reported that the doctors confirmed that the girl who was given a whole bottle of vaccine against corona had no major complaints.

The report quoted doctors as saying that the girl was being given anti-fever, anti-allergy, and anti-inflammatory drugs under safety measures and that her blood was being tested repeatedly to monitor her health. have been.

According to doctors, the immune system of people who take overdose at the same time may be affected, so the woman is being kept under extreme care and is being closely monitored, however, no major complaint has been reported so far.

Prior to Italy, the United States, Germany, and Israel also reported simultaneous overdoses, but no major health problems were reported.

Dozens of inmates were simultaneously overdosed on a prison in the US state of Iowa last April, after which vaccinators were suspended. Did not come forward.