Jewish Journalist Emily Wilder Fired for Speaking in Favor of Palestinians

Jewish Journalist Emily Wilder Fired for Speaking in Favor of Palestinians

The US news agency reportedly fired a female journalist for making a social media statement in favor of the Palestinians.

The Associated Press (AP) fired Emily Wilder, a 22-year-old female journalist, last week as Israeli attacks on Gaza escalated.

The AP said Emily Wilder had been fired for violating social media policy but did not say what the “violation” was.

On the other hand, the female journalist has said that she was punished for speaking out in favor of the Palestinians during her student days.

Emily herself belongs to a Jewish family and as a student, she has been speaking out against Zionism on the platforms of Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace at Emily University.

Even after her affiliation with the AP, Emily not only retweeted some of the pro-Palestinian tweets, but also wrote in a tweet on May 17: Israel should be chosen, but the name of Palestine should not be used, or war should be called, not occupation or siege, it is a political practice and the media has always done so No question is raised.

Emily also faced strong opposition from extremists on social media, with Republican Senator Tom Cotton also accusing Emily and the AP, criticizing the AP on a website that That’s what was expected of the Hamas office building.

Emily Wilder, a graduate of Stanford University in the United States, got a job in the Associated Press just two weeks ago.

The AP is facing criticism over Emily Wilder’s dismissal and is demanding that the woman journalist be reinstated and apologize.