Kim Kardashian Accused of Buying a Stolen Rare Roman Statue

Kim Kardashian Accused of Buying a Stolen Rare Roman Statue

Authorities have filed a lawsuit against American reality star Kim Kardashian, one of the world’s richest TV stars, for allegedly buying a stolen rare Roman statue.

According to US broadcaster CNN, documents filed by US authorities in a California court accuse Kim Kardashian of buying a rare statue stolen from the European country of Italy.

Documents submitted to the court said that among the rare statues stolen by US customs officials off the coast of Los Angeles in 2016 was a statue bought by Kim Kardashian.

The documents claim that Kim Kardashian bought a rare sculpture from the first and second centuries BC through one of his art workers, but the reality star was taken into custody during the transfer of the sculpture.

Kim Kardashian Accused of Buying a Stolen Rare Roman Statue

Court documents call for Kim Kardashian to be ordered to apologize for buying the stolen rare statue.

However, a spokesperson for Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, denied the allegations and said that the actress had never bought such a stolen statue.

According to Kim Kardashian’s spokesperson, it is possible that someone else used the actress’s name to buy the rare stolen statue, but the reality is that the reality star did not buy the statue and never found it.

The report states that the rare statue that Kim Kardashian was accused of buying was made in the 1st and 2nd centuries BC and was not an original but a replica of a statue of a rare deity.

U.S. Customs officials seized the statue in 2016 at the request of the Italian Ministry of Antiquities, as well as other stolen rare items that were being shipped from Europe to the United States.

According to officials, documents were also seized during the operation, proving that the stolen rare statue was bought by Kim Kardashian and was to be transferred.