Manal Khan Got Engaged Three Months After Wearing the Ring

Actress Minal Khan started a new life by getting engaged to actor Ahsan Mohsin Ikram three months after wearing the ring.

The two shared romantic photos on International Valentine's Day this year, one of which featured Minal Khan's engagement ring.

Although the couple did not make it clear at the time whether they were engaged or intending to get engaged, fans congratulated them on the engagement when the actress shared a photo of the ring.

The duo did not elaborate on their engagement congratulations from fans and showbiz personalities three months ago and now again they have used the hashtag 'Baat Paki' to share romantic photos and this time too they Did not explicitly tell fans that he was engaged or married?

However, the photographer who took the photos of the two has used the hashtag of engagement while sharing their photos, which indicates that the two have now formally got engaged.

Some fans also criticized the actress for showing her engagement ring three months ago and now confirming that she is 'talking', but some asked her to share the wedding photos as soon as possible. ۔

Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram shared similar photos on Instagram on May 18 and used the hashtag 'Baat Paki', on which several showbiz personalities also congratulated them.

Sharing the photos, Minal Khan tagged Ahsan Mohsin and wrote, "Forever, you are my love and life, you are the best and easiest."

He also used the hashtag 'Baat Paki' and many actresses made congratulatory comments on his post, but no showbiz person mentioned his engagement or marriage.

Similarly, Ahsan Mohsin Ikram also shared the same photos and tagged Minal Khan, and reiterated his commitment that he will continue to love the actress till his last breath.

Ahsan Mohsin Ikram also used the hashtag 'Baat Paki' and many showbiz personalities also made congratulatory comments on his post.

The two can be seen hugging each other in pictures and wearing flower garlands.

The photographer who took the photos of their engagement also shared their photos while using the hashtag 'Baat Paki', while the photographer also used the hashtag 'Engagement', which indicates that the two got engaged.

Minal Khan Got Engaged with Ahsan Khan

It is to be noted that Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin have been in a relationship for the last two years and both have been seen together several times.

The two shared romance photos as well as ring photos on Valentine's Day this year, at which people thought the two were engaged.

Minal Khan has admitted in various interviews and shows that she is also under pressure to get married after the marriage of her elder sister Ayman Khan and she will tie the knot after seeing a good time.

Minal Khan Engagement with Ahsan Khan

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