Pfizer is Beneficial for Indian-Type of Coronavirus, Research

Pfizer is Beneficial for Indian-Type of Coronavirus

This was revealed in a new medical study in France that the Code 19 vaccine developed by Pfizer / BioNTech is slightly less effective than other types of coronavirus disease discovered in India, but still protects people.

The study by the French Pasteur Institute found that the Pfizer vaccine could potentially protect against this new strain of corona, despite a slight decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The results of this new type were tested in a laboratory and published in the preprint server BioRxiv.

The study involved 28 members of the medical staff from Orleans, France.

Of these, 16 were given 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine and 12 were given one dose of Estrazenica vaccine.

According to the study, people who were given two doses of the Pfizer vaccine were found to have a three-fold reduction in the rate of antibodies to prevent type B1617, which was discovered in India.

The study further stated that the situation was different in the AstraZeneca vaccine, where people who used it had very low or insufficient levels of this new type of inhibitory antibody.

The researchers said that people who have had code 19 in the past and those who have been given 2 doses of Pfizer have enough antibodies that can provide protection against B1617, but these antibodies The rate is 3 to 6 times lower than antibodies against the British type.

Research has shown that this new strain has the potential for partial resistance to antibodies.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in December 2019, several strains of the virus have been discovered, including those found in the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Africa and India.

B1617 is believed to be able to spread faster than other types, reaching more than 50 countries around the world.