The Secret Tricks of Windows 10 That Very Few People Know

The Secret Tricks of Windows 10 That Very Few People Know

Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows 7 this month and is now pushing for the use of the Windows 10 operating system.

Now you have been using this operating system for many years or have recently upgraded it, but it has many tips, tricks and secret features that most people do not know.

For example, you can discover a secret menu in it, while you can also find a truck to save the battery power of a laptop.

These secret features are not usually made public by Microsoft, which is why most people are not aware of them.

So here are some features that you will definitely like.

Minimize all windows except the active window

If the number of open windows on the desktop screen is too large, you can immediately manipulate them and just keep open the one you are working on, for this purpose press the Windows button and the Home button together, So the window that opens in front of you will remain open, while the other windows will go down.

Open the ‘Secret Menu’

You may know the Start Menu in the bottom left corner of the screen, but Windows 10 has another Start Menu that gives you access to key features like Command Prompt, Control Panel, and Task Manager. There are 2 different ways to use it, namely by pressing the Windows key and X or by right-clicking on the Windows icon / Start button.

Create an event without opening the Calendar app

The latest Windows 10 update allows you to quickly add events to Microsoft Calendar directly from the taskbar, without the need to open the calendar.

To do this, click the Time & Date box on the taskbar where the time is displayed, then click the date on which you want to schedule an event, enter the name, time and location of the event there and then Click Save, this event will appear on your devices’ Calendar app.

Take a screenshot

Everyone knows that a screenshot can be taken by clicking on the print screen button on the keyboard, but did you know that there are 8 different ways to take a screenshot in Windows 10?

If you want to take a full-screen photo, the easiest way is to press the print screen button. If you want to take a screenshot of a specific part of the screen, click on Windows, Shift & S,

This will open a tool snap and sketch that allows you to take a screenshot of a specific part.

Open taskbar programs with keyboard shortcuts

If you have pinned various programs in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and want to open them without a mouse, click Windows on the keyboard and click the number on which the program appears on the taskbar, this is very useful at this time. Proves to be when you’re typing fast and don’t want to lift your fingers off the keyboard.

Learn about the size of apps

If the storage of computers or laptops starts to decrease, then the speed of these devices slows down. An easy way to increase their speed can be to get rid of apps that are taking up a lot of space and are not even used.

To do this, go to Settings, System and Storage and click on the drive you want to search (possibly ten PC local storage) and go to the Apps & Games option and see the list of installed apps and find out which one. The app is too large.

Get rid of ads in the Start menu

When Windows 10 is run with the default settings, you may see apps on the right side of the Start menu, which Microsoft calls Suggestions, but they are ads for Windows Store apps.

To get rid of these ads, go to Personalization and Start in Settings, then turn off Show Suggestions Occasionally Start.

Shut down background apps

Apps running in the background of the device keep getting information, notifications and updates even if you are not using them, it is useful but it consumes laptop battery and data (internet). Especially when you’re connected to a mobile hotspot. To save battery power and data, go to the Privacy and Background Apps option in Settings, then turn off Late Apps Run in the Backgrounds or turn them off by selecting a few apps.

Background scrolling

In Windows 10 you can scroll up or down in any window that is not working directly, this is especially useful when you have a lot of windows open and you are looking for something in them at the same time. So to test this feature, open an internet browser or a word file, arrange them evenly so that some text is visible, then you will be in one window, then scroll by placing the mouse over the other window. Do

Although you will not be active in it, you will be able to go up and down the page. This feature is used by default in devices, but if not, go to the Devices and Mouse option in Settings and scroll in to activate Windows when I hover over them.

Show file extensions in File Explorer

Microsoft hides file extensions by default, making it difficult to view certain types of files such as JPEG or JPG, etc. File Explorer at the search bar at the bottom of the screen Type and click Options.

In the popup window, click the View tab, uncheck the box that says Hide Extensions for Non-File Types, Apply, and then click OK.

Keep notifications away

If you are constantly getting annoyed by notifications during work, you can get help from the Focus Assist tool, then go to Settings then System and Focus Assist and look at the three options there, one of which is Off option (stop all notifications). Ga), Priority (you will be able to keep notifications of apps and contacts of your choice on) and Alarm Only (all notifications will be hidden only alarm will work).

You can use this feature automatically even for a few hours with the help of turn.