TikTok Is Ready to Compete Facebook in Online Shopping

TikTok Is Ready to Compete Facebook in Online Shopping

Tik Tok is once again going to hit Facebook hard and this time there will be a competition between the two companies on online shopping.

Tik Tok is launching a trial in Europe to buy and sell items within the app, which will further increase its competition with Facebook.

In China, the Devon version of Tik Tok has an online shopping facility and had 26 26 billion in transactions in the first year alone.

Now the popular video app is expected to find success outside of China.

Tik Tok is working with well-known European brands on how to get users to buy items within the app.

Promotional shopping campaigns at Tik Tok have been running in the past, but a new test of online shopping will help the video app introduce a global e-commerce service.

Currently, the online shopping feature is only available to a limited number of people and it is not clear when it will be officially launched.

People who have access to this feature can see the products of various companies and their prices in their Tik Tok account.

Byte Dance, a company owned by Tik Tok, expects to succeed in the e-commerce sector before selling its shares in the market.

According to a statement issued by the company, the e-commerce feature is being tested in Tik Tok, in which we will test new routes for our customers.