Accused of Brutally Snatching a Purse from a Woman Arrested in Rawalpindi

Accused of Brutally Snatching a Purse from a Woman Arrested in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: A video of a female teacher snatching a purse with extreme brutality went viral in broad daylight in Rawalpindi, police arrested the accused.

In the incident of purse snatching in Dhok Chaudhry area of ​​Police Station Race Course, a motorcyclist snatched a purse from a school teacher on the way so badly that the school teacher fell and was injured.

The serious incident took place in the street adjacent to Dhok Chaudhry Kashmir Market in the Race Course area. The Express can be seen in the video footage available. 

The school teacher, who was leaving home for professional work, was passing through the alley when an unidentified motorcyclist wearing a face mask snatched the bag from the teacher and fled. I fall and get injured.

Meanwhile, some passers-by also reach the street and help the teacher, while during snatching, the teacher’s mobile phone, etc. can also be seen falling.

Meanwhile, when the video went viral, the police arrested the accused in an injured condition. During the resistance, the accused was shot in his own hand.

Police said that the CPO had issued special orders to Pothohar Division Police for immediate arrest of the accused. During the arrest, accused Anis Iqbal resisted the police party and tried to fire at the police. The accused fired his own pistol. Fired at his right wrist.

Police said that the accused Anis Iqbal has a previous record, a motorcycle used during the incident and a purse snatched from the woman have also been recovered from the accused. The accused is expected to disclose further incidents.