Airstrike on a Crowded Market in Ethiopia Killed at Least 80 People and 43 Others Injured

Airstrike on a Crowded Market in Ethiopia Killed at Least 80 People and 43 Others Injured
Clashes continue between government forces and extremist groups in Tigris, photo: file 

Quora TEGRAY: Counting is underway in the African country of Ethiopia, but an airstrike on a busy market has killed at least 80 people and injured 43 others.

Clashes continue in the Ethiopian region of Tigra during the election process, according to international news outlets. A large and busy market was also bombed, but it was not clear who carried out the bombing.

UN officials say 80 people were killed and 43 wounded in the airstrikes. The dead and wounded included women and children. Many of the injured are in critical condition.

The hospital administration says 30 bodies have been brought so far, while more than a dozen ambulances have been killed at the scene and the administration is in talks with the militant group to bring the injured to the hospital.

UN officials also told the international news agency on condition of anonymity that fighting was ongoing between the two groups and that Red Cross ambulances were not being given access to the site of the attack.

Many armed groups are at war in war-torn and poverty-stricken Ethiopia. However, the incumbent Prime Minister has been instrumental in restoring peace between various tribes and rival countries, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize.

Thousands of people were killed and more than 2 million civilians, mostly women, were displaced last year in a war waged by extremist militants at the behest of the Prime Minister. In this situation, the reputation of Prime Minister Abi Ahmed has been severely damaged.

It should be noted that in the face of political crisis and deteriorating law and order situation in the African country of Ethiopia, the election was held with a delay of one year and the counting of votes is underway.