Anil Kapoor’s Son Relationship with Katrina Kaif Reveals

Anil Kapoor's Son Relationship with Katrina Kaif Reveals
Vicky Koshal and Katrina have a relationship, Harsh Vardhan — File photo: Facebook / Instagram

Actor Harsh Vardhan Kapoor, the son of Anil Kapoor, who has been called the evergreen actor of Hollywood, has caused a stir by revealing his relationship with Barbie doll Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif’s relationship, engagement, and marriage have been the talk of the Indian media for the past two years anyway, but recently Harosh Vardhan Kapoor surprised everyone by saying something new about her.

Harsh Vardhan Kapoor appeared on the show ‘Zoom TV’, where he also talked about the importance he has gained in showbiz due to belonging to the actor’s family, including his upcoming films.

Harsh Vardhan Kapoor admits that he is important because he is in the showbiz of other family members including father Anil Kapoor and sister Sonam Kapoor, but his own talent is also his identity.

News of Vicky Koshal and Katrina Kaif's relationship has been around for a few years. File photo: Instagram / Facebook

In the long-running program, Harsh Vardhan Kapoor also revealed that he has been offered to work in many films in the past, including his upcoming films.

Harsh Vardhan Kapoor clarified that he was offered to replace Aishwarya Kharana in the 2018 comedy film ‘Andha Dhan’ and he was also excited about working in the said film but due to some things he became a part of the film. Could not be

He clarified that the reason for not being able to work in the said film was not because of his refusal nor did the film team apologize to him but instead he slowed down in learning some things for the role of the said film Due to some other things, he could not be a part of the film.

In a segment of the program, Harsh Vardhan Kapoor, while answering various questions, said that he likes his sister Sonam Kapoor to be ‘open-minded’ in every matter.

In response to a question, he described Sara Khan as a better actress than actress Ananya Pandey and argued that she did well in other films including ‘Kedar Nath and Samba’.

In the same segment, while answering a question, he claimed that the news of the relationship between Katrina Kaif and actor Vicky Koshal is not wrong but it is true.

Being from a film family is important, Harsh Vardhan Kapoor — File Photo: Facebook
Being from a film family is important, Harsh Vardhan Kapoor — File Photo: Facebook

He gave a brief reply that Katrina Kaif and Vicky Koshal have a relationship and they keep meeting but they did not discuss further in this regard.

After Harsh Vardhan Kapoor talked about Katrina Kaif’s relationship, many news about Vicky Kaushal and Katrina’s friendship appeared in the Indian media.

Prior to Harsh Vardhan Kapoor’s revelation, Katrina Kaif and Vicky Koshal’s photos and videos went viral on social media, but they themselves never confessed their love for each other.

In the past, though, the two actors have expressed a desire to work together, including praising each other, and the two have been seen performing together at some awards ceremonies.

However, the two have never openly acknowledged their relationship.

For a long time before Vicky Koshal, Katrina Kaif’s name was associated with chocolate hero Ranbir Kapoor, while before that, her name was also associated with Bollywood’s domineering hero Salman Khan.

Sonam Kapoor's best thing is to be open minded, says Harsh Vardhan Kapoor — File Photo: Instagram