Bollywood Actress Neena Gupta Biography Book – Such Kahun Toh – Caused a Stir on Social Media

Bollywood Actress Neena Gupta Biography Has Caused a Stir on Social Media
Naina Gupta was married in 2008 at a young age; file photo: Instagram

Quora News: Former popular and senior Bollywood actress Neena Gupta, 62, surprised everyone by making several revelations in her recently published autobiography ‘Sach Kahun To’.

According to India Today, Neena Gupta recently put up her autobiography for sale and on this occasion, she also participated in an online program with Kareena Kapoor.

In the book titled ‘Sach Kahun To’, Naina Gupta talks openly about her life and tells how she gave birth to a daughter without marriage and how a few minutes before the marriage took place. Her fiance had refused to marry her.

According to India Today, Neena Gupta wrote in her autobiography, recalling the post-1980s, that once in Mumbai, a film producer called her at night for work and started talking to her inappropriately.

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Neena Gupta said without mentioning the name of the producer mentioned in the book that the filmmaker tried to impress her for an hour but when the actress asked him what was the purpose of these words and what would be his role in the film. ?

The actress wrote that the producer got angry when she asked him a question. When the actress wanted to leave her house, the filmmaker asked her if she would not spend the night with him.

Neena Gupta wrote that she was surprised to hear the producer.

In his book, he also revealed that their marriage was arranged and everything was going according to plan, but do not know why this man refused to marry her at the last minute?

Nina Gupta wrote in her book that the man who did not marry her has now become a grandfather and his life is going on happily.

Citing Naina Gupta’s book, the Hindustan Times reported that the actress had also spoken openly with West Indies cricketer Owen Richards about having a physical relationship and giving birth to her daughter.

Nina Gupta writes that when she lost hope due to a physical relationship with Owen Richards, her close friend Satish Koshkak proposed to her.

The actress wrote that when she was hopeful, her friend Satish Koshkak came to her aid and offered her marriage but he refused to marry her.

In her book, Neena Gupta writes that she later gave birth to Owen Richards’ daughter Masaba and raised him alone, during which time she also suffered from the hatred of society.

The actress wrote that when her daughter turned 19, she married another old friend Vivek Mehra in 2008.

It is believed that Nina Gupta started acting before 1980 and at the beginning of her career she had a relationship with the famous West Indies cricketer Owen Richards but they could not get married.

Neena Gupta gave birth to Owen Richards’ daughter Masaba and now lives with him. Her daughter is one of India’s leading fashion designers.

Neena Gupta has acted in more than 6 dozen Bollywood movies and several dramas while she has also appeared in some Hollywood movies.