Dubai: Order Pakistani Mangoes in Lamborghini at Your Doorstep

 Dubai: Order Pakistani Mangoes in Lamborghini at Your Doorstep

Dubai: Residents of Dubai will now be able to order Pakistani mangoes at their doorstep in the world’s most expensive car, the Lamborghini.

Mango is the king of fruits, which children and adults alike love to eat and compared to other countries of the world, Pakistani mangoes are unique in terms of effectiveness, color and taste. Pakistani mangoes are exported to Dubai as well as around the world. 

We are all aware of the fact that Pakistani mangoes are famous all over the world and if these fruits can be marketed and found at home and also in the most expensive car in the world, then what could be the best thing. Those living in Dubai will now be able to get Pakistani mangoes on their doorstep.

This time, Pakistan Supermarket in Dubai has launched an amazing marketing campaign called “Mango in Lamborghini”. It will deliver mangoes in Lamborghini to people living in Dubai for only 150 dirhams. The supercar also offers customers a short ride in a Lamborghini to buy mangoes.

Jahanzeb Yaseen, managing director of Pakistan Supermarket Dubai, told the Khaleej Times that they will be launching the service in Dubai from June 1. This feature was introduced last year and people loved it. At the same time, sales of these fruits increased dramatically.

Mango production in Pakistan is highest in Punjab and Sindh. About 1.8 million tons of mango is produced annually in Pakistan. And are exported to Malaysia.