#Dunk, Why Ary Digital’s Drama Serial Dunk is Trending on Twitter with #DUNK & #Dunkdrama


#Dunk, Why Ary Digital's Drama Serial Dunk is Trending on Twitter

Today Ary Digitel’s Drama Serial DUNK is top Trending on Twitter with #Dunk and #DunkDrama in Pakistan

Many Twitter users actually thinking that it’s Ben Dunk from Lahore Qalanders PSL Players who is Trending on Twitter but when they search with the #DUNK, they Finally got the results of Ary News Drama Serial which is trending on Twitter.

Many of Twitter Users and Ban Dunk fans are creating memes on #Dunk on Twitter because they want Ben Dunk to Trend on twitter, not Drama serial DUNK which is currently trending on Twitter. Here are some of the #DUNK Memes from Twitter.