How to Fix Samsung Battery Draining Fast – Running Out

How to Fix Samsung Battery Draining Fast - Running Out

Table of Contents

  1. Check your network and location settings 
  2. Verify applications 
  3. Using the Power Saving Mode

1- Check network and location settings

The device’s connection to the network may consume a lot of battery power; Especially if the signal strength in areas where the user is present is weak, such as basements in buildings. 

So it is recommended to turn on the Airplane mode in the device to conserve battery power, in addition to running GPS services constantly leads to battery drain Because the system works to determine the location of the user wherever he moves. So geolocation services can be turned off and turned on when needed to save the most battery power.

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2- Verify Applications

Some applications may cause Samsung devices to run out of battery, and this problem can be treated through the following procedures:

Restrict applications that consume a large amount of the device’s battery and run in the background. Force stop running apps or their notifications. Uninstall (uninstall) applications that are causing battery drain, if the previous procedures were unsuccessful

3- Use power-saving mode 

The Power Saving Mode can be used to solve the problem of Samsung devices running out of battery. This mode is activated by following the following steps: 

  • Go to device settings (Settings). 
  • Click on the Device maintenance option, then click on the Battery option, or use the search bar at the top of the page; And write the word “Battery” in it. 
  • Select the appropriate energy-saving mode, where the user can choose between the following modes: 

> Medium power saving mode: 

This mode saves battery power by allowing the user to access all the tools and features, and it slightly reduces the performance of the device. 

> Energy-saving maximum mode: 

This mode allows the user to extend the life of the battery for several days depending on the ratio of the battery, but it limits the performance of the device and disables some features