Leaked Video of JUI Lahore Amir’s with a Boy Goes Viral | Mufti Aziz Viral Video

Leaked Video of JUI Lahore Amir's with a Boy Goes Viral
Leaked Video of JUI Lahore Amir’s with a Boy Goes Viral- #Mufti Aziz Viral Video

LAHORE Quora News: Mufti Aziz Viral Video, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Lahore Deputy Amir Maulana Aziz-ur-Rehman has been sacked from his post after an immoral video with a madrassa student came to light.

Maulana Aziz-ur-Rehman, Shaykh-ul-Hadeeth of Jamia Manzoor-ul-Islamia, a well-known religious seminary in Lahore, and Maulana Aziz-ur-Rehman, deputy emir of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, Lahore, have been expelled from the madrassa after an immoral video surfaced with a student.

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On the other hand, the Federation of Madrassas has relieved them of their responsibilities and the Federation of Madrassas of Pakistan has also terminated the affiliation of Jamia Manzoorul Islamia. However, Maulana Aziz-ur-Rehman termed the video as a conspiracy against Jamia Manzoorul Islamia and the Federation of Madrassas.

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The Federation of Madrassas of Pakistan has taken notice and fired Maulana Aziz-ur-Rehman from the post of Federation of Arab Madrassas and directed him to appear before the inquiry committee. 

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Meanwhile, in a notice issued by Maulana Asadullah Farooq, the superintendent of Jamia Manzoor-ul-Islamia Cantt, Maulana Aziz-ur-Rehman has been dismissed from the madrassa, blaming him for his involvement in this sin and instructed him to leave the madrassa.

Remember that Maulana Altaf-ur-Rehman, the son of Maulana Aziz-ur-Rehman, is also the teacher of this madrassa.

Maulana Aziz-ur-Rehman has said in a video statement about the incident that it is a conspiracy against the madrassa and the federation of madrassas. He has been involved in teaching for 25 years. The video was shared on social media but after an investigation, he was acquitted.

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Maulana Aziz-ur-Rehman said that now after the death of the former head of the madrassa, Persifullah Khalid, his son Parasullah Farooq is in charge of Jamia Manzoor-ul-Islamia. He had earlier launched a campaign to seize the madrassa and is now behind the conspiracy. The student, Sabir Shah, has been disqualified for three years for allegedly taking another boy in his place in the exams.

It should be noted that this is the first time that an immoral video of a teacher of a religious seminary with a student has come to light.

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