Nadia Jamil Recovers from Cancer Completely

Nadia Jamil Recovers from Cancer Completely
Nadia Jamil was diagnosed with cancer last year; file photo: Instagram

Leading Pakistani actress Nadia Jamil, who is suffering from breast cancer, has fully recovered from the disease after more than a year.

Nadia Jamil informed the fans about her recovery in a post shared on her Instagram account.

The actress wrote in her post that “I have officially recovered from cancer, thank God, all the tests have been cleared”.

Nadia Jameel also thanked the fans for their love, prayers, and good wishes.

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“Some of the veins in my legs have been damaged by this cruel chemotherapy, but I will dance my way because the bhangra is on my shoulders,” he added.

At the same time, the actress thanked all those who supported her during her illness.

Nadia Jameel wrote while tagging a platform called Scary Amy that thank you very much for providing a platform for work during my financial difficulties.

Nadia Jamil Recovers from Cancer
The actress thanked all those who supported her during her illness. — File photo: Facebook

“I am grateful to all my friends and family, as well as some industry friends including Sania Saeed, Muneeb Mazari, Sultana Siddiqui, and Adnan Siddiqui who stood by me,” he added.

Nadia Jamil added: “In my journey to recovery, I have learned the hard way to leave people who make you feel small and alienated and to accept those who love and respect you.”

“I made new friends and family with whom I have a lifelong connection, not blood, who supported me in isolation during cancer and the global epidemic. These great people are a great blessing,” he added.

Actress Nadia Jamil wrote, “Finally, I stand on my own, it is my breath that keeps me alive and I protect myself.”

Nadia Jamil shaved her head in May last year; file photo: Instagram
Nadia Jamil shaved her head in May last year; file photo: Instagram

However, she said that she knows that darkness will come again, it is as if there is light without darkness but that time will pass again.

“Even though I get the disease again, I know I have the desire to learn to stand up again,” said Nadia Jamil.

“Whenever I fall, I will rise stronger than ever. I want to always be shown the path of truth, kindness, humility, respect, love and then the way and desire to walk on it,” he said. ۔

It may be recalled that Nadia Jamil had contracted breast cancer in April last year and had started treatment at a well-known hospital in London.

The actress underwent her first successful surgery on April 7, a few days after being diagnosed with the disease, after which chemotherapy was started for further treatment of the actress.

The actress keeps her fans informed about her health through social media posts. Photo: Instagram

Nadia Jamil shaved her head during chemotherapy in May last year and has been informing fans about her health on social media since day one.

Meanwhile, in a few posts, Nadia Jamil also spoke of disappointment and also requested prayers from the fans, informing her that she was very unwell and suffering.

Despite battling an incurable disease like cancer, Nadia Jamil was seen speaking out against violence against children and women.

Remember that actress Nadia Jamil is very active in her career as well as in charity work.

While many women in Pakistan face strong criticism for adopting children, actress Nadia Jamil set a new example by adopting two children.