Raid in Spa Center Bahria Town, Many Men and Women Arrested

Raid in Spa Center in Bahria Town, Many Men and Women Arrested

Quora News: Federal police raided the Blue Stone & Spa massage center in Bahria Town Civic Center, leaving several “nobles” in questionable condition.

 Police arrested the men and women involved in the alleged obscenity scam under the guise of a massage center and transferred them to the police station. 

The conversation of a “gentleman” who was apprehended from the massage center with the police officer can be clearly heard in the video.

 “I am with Pervez Khattak,” he said, introducing himself as a government official in Parliament House. An officer in the raid team asked him, “What do you want us to tell Pervez Khattak that your employee has been caught naked with women?” In response to which he immediately said that I have not done anything wrong!

And there are also places for wrong work !! The officers again said that you should not talk. We have seen you naked !! All the men and women arrested on the spot were later shifted to the police station in a police van. 

Police sources said that prostitution has reached its peak under the guise of massage centers in the posh sectors of Islamabad including Bahria Town. There is also a plethora of glass centers. These “bases” are allegedly patronized by a few so-called media persons as well as corrupt police and administration officials who take great pride in receiving their “share” from them.

No action has been taken against the rioters till date. On the other hand, the Holiday Times tried to contact SP Rural Rana Abdul Wahab for a position but he could not be reached. 

The management of the Blue Stone Salon & Spa, a massage center, said in a telephone interview that the police had sealed the salon twice before for violating the Corona SOPs. 

Three days ago, at 8.30 pm, the raid team returned and arrested two of our clients and four of our staff, including two foreigners. He further said that the arrested staff included Aun and Amir while the girls included Ayesha and Mahim.

The ladies police were not with the raid team. Responsible sources said that the raid was carried out by Ali Pirzada, an officer of the Excise Office with the powers of a special magistrate, who was directed by the district magistrate to take action only against violators of Corona SOPs and price checking.

Sources said that a girl named Ayesha, who was arrested from “Blue Stone Spa”, was released from the police station on the same night while the rest of the arrested persons were produced in the local court the next day from where they were granted bail. According to sources, Komal Spa and Star Spa were also raided and arrested on the same night.