Telegram Group Video Calling Finally Introduced with Maximum Call Limit to 30 People

Telegram Group Video Calling Finally Introduced for its Users

Telegram is the most prominent messaging app compared to WhatsApp. The good news for users of this messaging app is that they will now be able to use group video calling with a limited call members.

Yes, the long wait for users is over and now group video calling feature is available in iOS, Android and desktop apps.

They will now be able to convert voice chats into video chat calls in group chats.

You can also pin someone’s video feed to your screen so they stay on the front and center when new people join during a call.

And you will also be able to share your screen with the option to share camera feed and screen at the same time.

Telegram Group Video Calling Call Limit Or Maximum Call Numbers?

According to the Telegram, video calls are currently limited to the first 30 people in a voice chat.

This number will soon be increased and voice chat support will be expanded with live events and other new features.

According to the company, tablets and computers will be able to be part of video calls with phones and will also have the benefit of additional screens in larger devices.

The feature of group video calls in Telegram has been introduced much later than others.

In April 2020, the Telegram said that group video calling would be provided sometime this year, but this did not happen.

Then in April this year, the company said that this feature will be available in May, but then it did not happen.

But now this feature has finally been introduced and of course telegram users will be happy with this addition.