The Most Frequent Doubts About Travel Insurance

The Most Frequent Doubts About Travel Insurance in Spain

Quora News: Hiring travel insurance is very easy to do; however, many people often have some doubts about taking out these insurances. For this reason, if you are in Spain this post will be of great help to solve all the most frequent doubts about travel insurance.

The most frequent doubts about travel insurance

You should know that travel insurance is a product that will allow you to enjoy protection against the risks that are assumed when leaving home; This insurance includes some policies and a set of coverages according to the place of travel. 

Currently, in Spain, there are many travel insurance companies; One of them is Mondo, which offers excellent services and the most important thing is that in this time of the pandemic, Covid coverage and health insurance are included in their insurance.

Next, we will solve the most frequent doubts about travel insurance:

Is it mandatory to take out travel insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory to enter some Latin American, European, and Asian countries; it also saves you from paying high expensive sanitary ware.

What does travel insurance not include?

Travel insurance does not include assistance in the event of a pre-existing illness, except for an emergency of life or death, it does not contemplate the consumption of alcohol and narcotic substances, or the loss or theft of luggage due to leaving it forgotten, among others.

Can a trip be canceled due to coronavirus?

With travel cancellation insurance due to force majeure, you will also be covered in any situation generated by Covid 19. This includes coverage for illness or death of the traveler or a family member.

What does travel insurance include in Mondo?

This insurance includes:

  • Assistance 24h / 365 days and other assistance 24 hours during the first trip.
  • Refund of reservations in case you do not travel.
  • A travel cancellation coverage (even if more than 7 days have passed since it was booked).
  • Travel assistance with the App and medical chat 24 hours a day for free and, 
  • The assistance includes emergency medical teams, specialists, medical examinations, hospitalizations, surgeries, treatments, and medication supplies.
  • 15% discount on your travel insurance

What is the covid-19 coverage not included?

You should know that the following coverages are not included in this travel insurance:

  • Medical expenses that come from a coronavirus infection; including PCR tests if necessary (with a medical prescription).
  • A medical transfer and repatriation, in case the return home is impaired.
  • Expenses derived from the extension of stay due to medical quarantine.

What does the Mondo multi-trip annual insurance include?

This insurance is ideal for frequent travelers and has coverage for one year; In this case, the trip may not exceed 90 days in duration and includes:

  • Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • App to assist you during the trip and exclusively for clients.
  • Chat with doctors 24 hours at no cost.
  • Covid coverage included as: medical expenses for coronavirus including PCR tests, medical transfer and repatriation; and the expenses derived from the prolongation of the medical quarantine.
  • Medical assistance will cover up to € 2,000,000 and the price for annual insurance is € 229.

What does the Mondo Long Stay travel insurance include?

This insurance includes:

  • Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day in case of any incident.
  • Transportation and medical assistance around the world and medical transfers during the trip.
  • 24-hour medical chat and travel assistance app.
  • In addition to this, you have the Covid coverage already specified in the previous insurance.

Can I take out the insurance if I am already traveling?

Yes, even when you are already traveling, you can take out Long Stay insurance for a minimum of 90 days and renew it whenever you want.

What is travel cancellation insurance for any reason?

This insurance due to force majeure is the one that will allow you to cancel the trip and always receive the amount of the trip without having to justify the cause.

This insurance will allow you to recover 85% of non-refundable reservations that have been contracted with a limit of up to € 1,500.