Top 5 Drug-Trafficking Movies to Watch on Netflix

Top 5 Drug-Trafficking Movies to Watch on Netflix
Top 5 Drug-Trafficking Movies to Watch on Netflix

Quora News: Netflix is ​​causing a stir with its achievements on drug trafficking. Here are 5 movies you must see on the video-on-demand service urgently.

Drug trafficking has been on the rise lately in the 7th art. Here are 5 films on the subject to see urgently on Netflix. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!


Netflix has nothing more to prove. Indeed, the leader in video-on-demand services has been causing a sensation for a few years now. However, competition is increasingly fierce in the field. 

Between Disney +, Hulu, OCS, or even Amazon Prime. Fans of the 7th art sometimes don’t know where to turn. This is why the streaming platform gives everything in its power to satisfy its subscribers.

Films, documentaries, series, cartoons. There is something for all tastes and for all ages. But at the moment, drug trafficking seems to be popular within SVOD.

Indeed, after the success of Narcos, fans of the genre will be delighted to discover many achievements that deal with this famous theme.

Let’s begin our overview with Antoine Fuquan’s feature film, Training Day. The latter features two very famous actors in the world of Hollywood cinema. These are Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington.

The story then tells the daily life of Jake Hoyt within the Los Angeles police. He tries to get a promotion. To do this, he will therefore participate in a day in the anti-drug department with Alonzo Harris.

A well-crafted screenplay, a breathtaking plot and an Oscar for best actor for the boss of American cinema. Do not hesitate!

Subsequently, The Drug King is also unanimous on Netflix. Released in 2018, Woo Min-ho’s Korean film focuses on the life of a 1970s drug dealer.



Igor Gotesman is featured on Netflix and Pierre Niney fans will be delighted to be able to watch Five. The director leads the viewer into an extraordinary roommate. 

Sadly, what was supposed to be a dream experience quickly turns into a nightmare. Indeed, Samuel, the richest of the gang, has his food cut off. 

Between humor and suspense, fans of the genre will therefore be served. French cinema is at the top. Moreover, François Civil, who gives the answer to Pierre Niney in the feature film by Igor Gotesman also conquered the public with a completely different film.

Eh yes! In Burn out, the latter plays the character of Tony, a future professional motorcycle rider. To erase the debt of his ex-girlfriend, the young man will therefore have to obey the underworld in his city. And this, at the risk of his life.

Released in 2005, Succeed or Die is also one of the best drug trafficking movies to watch on Netflix. Indeed, it tells the true story of the famous rapper 50 Cent. 

Finally, Les Miller, a budding family brings a little more lightness to this often dramatic genre. This crazy comedy on the subject should be unanimous. Notably thanks to its 5-star cast! So to your screens.