Twitter Introduces Its First Subscription Service for 4.49 CAD

Twitter Introduces Its First Subscription Service for 4.49 CAD

The social networking site Twitter has officially launched its first subscription service.

The service, called Twitter Blue, was first introduced in Australia and Canada.

People who receive this service will have access to premium features including bookmarking organizing tools, clean message threads, and in-tweet features.

The undo feature will be similar to the Gmail email sending process.

That is, the tweet can be undone within a few seconds or minutes.

According to the company, Twitter Blue is currently being introduced in specific markets, which will help determine the extent to which its features can meet the needs of users.

“We will continue to experiment with different categories and prices, which will give us a lot to learn,” the company said.

The service will be available in Canada and Australia for AUD 3.49 and CAD 4.49, respectively.

It will have new bookmark folders that will help Twitter users manage their secure content.

The bookmark feature is still available in Twitter, which allows users to save various tweets for later viewing.

But in the Folders feature, users will be able to create subfolders for bookmarked posts that will be color-coded.

A reader mode feature will also be part of the service.

Twitter hinted at introducing a premium service a few months ago and in January 2021 the company also bought a newsletter company Revue.

This service allows users to write and publish subscription emails.

In early May, Twitter bought Scroll, another company that removes ads on news sites.

Alternative sources of revenue are being explored by Twitter as its main source of revenue is advertising.

In early May, Apple introduced an update for iPhones and iPads, enabling a feature app, Tracking Transparency.

This feature requires apps to be allowed to use users’ online activities for advertising.