Woman Gives Birth to 10 Children at the Same Time in South Africa

South Africa: A South African woman has given birth to 10 children at the same time, setting a world record.

According to a foreign news agency, a 37-year-old South African woman named Sethol gave birth to 10 children at the same time, including 7 boys and 3 girls. The woman broke Halima's record of giving birth to nine children in Morocco in May, setting a new world record.

 Doctors said that all the babies are alive but they have lost weight due to premature birth. According to the doctors, these babies will be kept in the incubator for a few months so that they can be healthy.

The woman and her husband were expecting eight children, according to reports. Sethol, who already has six-year-old twins, said she was "happy" and "emotional" at the birth.

In May, a Malian woman gave birth to nine children in Morocco, breaking the record set by Nadia Suleiman, an American woman who gave birth to eight children in 2009.


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