Asim Azhar and Merab Ali Engagement Rumors Viral

Asim Azhar and Merab Ali Engagement Rumors Viral

Quora News: After rumors of singer Asim Azhar and model Merab Ali’s engagement spread on social media, the singer’s name also became a top trend on Twitter.

In the past, Asim Azhar had an affair with actress Haniya Aamir and there were rumors that the two would soon tie the knot, but their relationship was limited to news only.

After the bitterness between Haniya Aamir and Asim Azhar a few weeks ago, now news is spreading that the singer has got engaged to model Merab Ali.

News that went viral on social media, without quoting any confirmation sources, claims that Asim Azhar and Merab Ali simply got engaged.

According to news published on showbiz social media pages and entertainment websites, the two got engaged in the presence of family in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province.

According to rumors, the couple simply got engaged with the consent of the family but did not elaborate.

After the news of the engagement of the model and singer spread, the trend of Asim Azhar’s name also came to the top on Twitter and people shared old photos and videos of him and congratulated him.

After the rumors of Asim Azhar’s engagement spread, some people also shared pictures of Haniya Aamir on social media.

In the past, although Asim Azhar and Merab Ali have appeared together, there have never been any reports of a relationship between the two.

Asim Azhar and Merab Ali Engagement Rumors Viral

Asim Azhar’s name became the top trend on Twitter after engagement rumors β€” screenshot

In the past, the families of Merab Ali and Asim Azhar have also seen meeting and they have had family ties, but now rumors of their engagement are spreading.

Despite rumors of an engagement, Merab Ali and Asim Azhar have yet to issue an explanation, but it is expected that they will explain soon.