Daughter of the head of the province of Ontario got engaged to a Muslim police officer

The daughter of Doug Ford, the premier (head) of the Canadian province of Ontario, has got engaged to a police officer from Iraq.

According to details, Doug Ford informed the Muslim community about his daughter's engagement at the Eid prayer gathering and said that his daughter was engaged to a Muslim police officer last week and the family is very happy about it.

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Premier Doug Ford added that his daughter had also celebrated Eid al-Adha, adding that police officer Mohammed Hadi was from Iraq.

Doug Ford Daughter Engaged with Muslim Boy

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  1. Catholic priest are being arrested for holding church services And yet there allowed to pray to their god ????

    1. Maybe the priests are being arrested because they are continously raping and molesting little boys!

    2. The mosque started holding services after we entered stage 3, before that it was closed. I think the church was charged because they went ahead with lots of people in attendance for service during lockdown.


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