Drama Writer Asma Nabeel Died Due to Cancer : Quora News

Drama Writer Asma Nabeel Died Due to Cancer
Many Showbiz personalities express deep grief over Asma Nabeel’s death — File Photo: Facebook

Quora News: Drama Writer Asma Nabeel who wrote the story of dramas like ‘Surkh Chandni’Khanmi, Bandi, Damsi, Khuda Mera b Hy has passed away due to cancer.

Asma Nabeel was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, but she was still seen in showbiz where she was battling cancer.

After a few years of treatment, Asma Nabeel almost defeated cancer, but later the disease re-infected her and she remained under treatment after 2018.

Asma Nabeel also lost her hair during cancer treatment, but she still appeared in showbiz events.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Asma Nabeel also took part in several promotional campaigns on cancer awareness, early diagnosis and treatment, while in 2019 she also did a promotional campaign with fashion designer Ali Zeeshan.

Asma Nabeel had participated in the campaign with Ali Zeeshan in 2019 to introduce a pink dupatta. The proceeds from the sale of the dupatta were donated to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital.

Asma Nabeel fought the battle against cancer as well as awareness, diagnosis and treatment in a way and she also tried to raise awareness in this regard through dramas and films.

Asma Nabil had hoped to beat cancer a second time, but unfortunately, she lost the battle of life on July 1 due to a chronic illness.

Asma Nabil’s death was also confirmed on her Facebook post while several showbiz personalities expressed their grief over her demise and also paid tributes to her in social media posts.

Many personalities expressed deep sorrow over her death and wrote that Asma Nabil passed away at a young age, she was not yet old enough to leave.

Many people called Asma Nabeel brave and wrote that she bravely fought breast cancer for 8 years and during this time she also gave many popular dramas to the showbiz industry.

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