Euro Cup Celebrations in Italy One Killed Many Injured

Euro Cup Celebrations in Italy One Killed Many Injured
Man shot dead during Euro Cup victory celebrations – Reuters

Quora News: Defeating England in the Euro Cup 2020 final, the Italian team became the new European champions and one person was killed and several others were injured in the mad victory celebration celebrated in Italy.

According to Reuters, a 22-year-old speeding driver was killed in a car crash in the Sicilian region of Kelta Geron.

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Fifteen people were injured after the match in the famous Italian city of Milan, three of them in critical condition, one of whom lost his three fingers during a nearby fireworks display.

In the southern city of Foggia, a man took advantage of the festive atmosphere to shoot and kill another man and escape the scene.

The victim’s niece was also injured in the attack and her condition is said to be critical.

It should be noted that previously Italy defeated the host England and won.

The match between Italy and England was decided on penalty shots after a tough contest at Wembley Stadium, after which Italy won the Euro Cup for the second time.

The thrilling match between the two teams ended in a draw in the first 90 minutes, after which neither team could score in extra time and the matter came to a penalty shootout.

Italy beat England 2-3 in the penalty shootout to become European champions for the first time since 1968.