Cloudburst: Flood Situation in Rawalpindi & Islamabad Today

Flood Situation in Rawalpindi & Islamabad

#cloudburst in Islamabad: Continuous rains in the federal capital Islamabad and Rawalpindi overnight flooded the low-lying areas, flooded several houses and swept away several vehicles.

According to sources, the twin cities have been receiving rains since nightfall and 330 mm of rainfall has been recorded in Islamabad alone.

Due to heavy rains in Rawalpindi, the water level in Nala Lei is constantly rising, which has increased the risk of floods in the surrounding low-lying areas and sirens have started sounding.

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On the other hand, the CDA administration said that 95% of the roads in the area have been cleared after the rains.#cloudburst

According to the Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR), troops are assisting the civil administration in rescue operations.#cloudburst

 On the other hand, the management of Rawal Dam said that the water level in Rawal Dam has risen to 49.50 feet. If the level of Rawal Dam rises another 1 foot, spillways will be opened. 

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