Haitian President Juvenal Moises Was Killed in His House

Haitian President Juvenal Moises Was Killed in His House
Haitian President Juvenal Moises continues to rule the country after his term expires in 2018 — Photo: AP

Quora News: Haitian President Juvenal Moises has been assassinated/killed by gunmen in his house.

Haiti’s acting prime minister, Claude Joseph, has announced that President Juvenal Moises has been assassinated at home, AFP reports. Claude Joseph said he would now run the country.

He said that the wife of the slain president was injured and was being treated at the hospital while urging the people to remain calm and said that the police and army should ensure the safety of the people.

He said the president had been assassinated in his home by foreigners who spoke English and Spanish.

The assassinated President Juvenal Moises was ruling in a special decree following the postponement of the 2018 general elections due to the conflict in Haiti, which also ended his term.

Political tensions in the Caribbean region of the United States, kidnappings for ransom and the influence of armed gangs have increased in recent months.

The people of Haiti are also facing the worst poverty and natural disasters.

The assassinated president also faced opposition from the people, which undermined the legitimacy of his rule and replaced seven prime ministers in four years, as well as incumbent Claude Joseph within three months. It was suggested to change inside.

Numerous crises

Haiti’s presidential, parliamentary and local elections are also expected after a scheduled referendum in September, which was twice postponed due to the coronavirus.

The administration was strengthened by constitutional reforms backed by Juvenal Moises but strongly opposed by several opposition and civil society organizations.

Haiti’s constitution was drafted in 1987 when the then-dictator Dolier’s government was overthrown, and the constitution does not allow for a referendum on popular consultation.

Critics had claimed that the election was impossible due to the poor law and order situation in the country.

The United Nations Security Council, the United States and Europe have called for free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections by the end of 2021.