Legendary Actress Sultana Zafar Has Passed Away

Legendary Actress Sultana Zafar Has Passed Away

Legendary Pakistani actress Sultana Zafar, who starred in the most popular dramas like ‘Tanhaiyan’ and ‘Un Kahi’, has passed away.

According to Dawn News TV, Sultana Zafar’s family sources said that the actress passed away last night (July 15) in the United States.

However, Sultana Zafar’s family sources did not give a reason for her death.

The legendary actress was based in Dallas, Texas and ran a boutique in the United States called Armel Studios.

He is survived by two sons, all of whom live in the United States.

On the other hand, the death of Sultana Zafar was confirmed by the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA).

In posts shared on Facebook and Twitter, the PNCA said that former popular actress Sultana Zafar passed away in the United States.

The tweet further said that she was a big name in the Pakistani drama industry, Sultana Zafar is known for her performances in ‘Tanhaiyan’ and ‘In Kahi’.

Sultana Zafar was known for her unique Hyderabad accent.

He acted in several Pakistan Television (PTV) dramas including ‘Tanhaiyan’, ‘In Kahi’ and ‘Akhri Chatan’ but he gained a lot of popularity due to his short role in ‘Tanhaiyan’.