PS5: Hunter’s Arena Legends Battle Royale game is coming to August!

PS5: Hunter's Arena Legends Battle Royale game is coming to August!

A new game is coming to PS5 next month. This is the creation of Mantisco, Hunter’s Arena Legends in the Battle Royale version.

Good news for gamers! The Hunter’s Arena Legends Battle Royale video game is coming to PS5 this summer. QUORA TV tells you everything from A to Z!


Seven years after the release of the 4th edition of the PlayStation, Sony has unveiled a brand new creation. In fact, in November 2020, the Japanese company launched its famous new-gen console on the market.

And the least we can say is that the PS5 was unanimous among video game enthusiasts. Today, so many of them spend long hours playing… or not!

Eh yes! It still seems so complicated to get hold of the Japanese machine. With each new arrival, the stock runs out. So much so that gamers are often forced to go online to buy the latest generation.

Indeed, the PS5 market has even allowed a teenager to become a millionaire! The reason? The consoles are sold at a high price on online sales sites.

On eBay, auctions are increasing. Some even offer the most impatient to pay more than 1000 euros to get the last Play.

An astronomical sum compared to the initial price. The digital version of the console is sold by Sony at 399 euros. The standard edition, meanwhile, is offered at 499 euros.

Traffic has therefore prevented some more reasonable players from getting the famous PlayStation. And the worst part is that things do not seem ready to get better!

The CEO of the company, Hiroki  Totoki has also announced: ”  I do not think that demand will calm down this year, and even if we produce many more devices ( …) the supply will not be able to match. on demand. ” 


Either way, video games don’t seem to be suffering from this bad news. So much so that a brand new release should delight gamers.

Hunter’s Arena Legends is coming soon to PS5! And this, from next August. But don’t panic, if you haven’t yet had the chance to play with the new-gen console, the creation of Mantisco will also be available on PS4.

The battle royale inspired straight from the Asian universe will even be free for PS Plus subscribers. Very good news! Thus, the most anticipated game of the year is therefore about to land.

More than 30 players will then be able to play simultaneously in breathtaking settings. Between battles, terrible monsters, and martial arts. The game seems to bring together all the elements necessary for great success.

It will also be possible to participate in the experience in three different ways. In  Solo, Trio or Tag Team. So many game modes offered by the work of Mantis.

So a little more patience for fans of the genre. Indeed, Hunter’s Arena Legends is likely to cause a sensation with a good number of gamers.

It will therefore be necessary to wait a small month before being able to immerse yourself in the extraordinary universe developed by the developer on PS5.