PS5: PS4 Soon To Be Found Like The New Console From Sony?

PS5: PS4 Soon To Be Found Like The New Console From Sony?

Much to the chagrin of players, the PS4 is now also untraceable, like its little sister the PS5.

Since the release of the PS5 in November 2020, Sony has struggled to meet the demand… But today, getting a PS4 has become just as difficult! QUORA TV tells you everything from A to Z.


For long months before its release, Sony fueled the mystery around its new little gem. The Japanese firm knows how to make the mouths of its customers.

On D-Day, gamers around the world flocked to physical stores and online in droves to get hold of the precious sesame.

And now, most of them seem very satisfied. The new Japanese console meets their expectations! It must be said that it presents incredible capacities.

Once again, the video game giant has kept its promises. This is one more card for Sony, which once again climbs to the top!

Despite some bugs quickly corrected and a new controller that sometimes makes its own, the Japanese company is faultless. Well almost.

This was without counting on a global shortage of components, identified as an unprecedented crisis. Impossible to mass produce under these conditions!

Since its release, the PS5 has deserted store shelves. Sony is unable to meet the demand! Finding a console is therefore very complicated …

Still, it’s not for lack of trying. All over the world, players are trying to find the famous Japanese machine of the future, in vain.

The only offers available are those of scalpers who offer the PS5 at exorbitant prices, sometimes twice the initial. No, you’re not dreaming!

QUORA TV tells you more about this famous crisis.



As you will no doubt have understood, the technology sector is therefore facing an unprecedented crisis. This directly affects the production of PS5, but also that of Xbox Series and other products.

As a result, many companies take on water and still cannot get their heads out. It must be said that the situation is not improving …

According to our colleagues from the Kotaku blog, other consoles are also starting to disappear from the market. Yes, you did hear it.

And among them, we find the big sister of the PlayStation 5 . No, you’re not dreaming! Today, it is just as difficult to get a PS4 as a PS5.

Offered by Sony at a price of 299 euros, the Slim version is now close to 500 euros on the sites of resellers. The latter take advantage of the shortage of components to inflate the sums. And they are not going dead hand!

However, the Japanese firm remains optimistic. In her latest press releases on the subject, she evokes a return to normal for the end of the year holidays.

But for their part, the experts in the field seem much less enthusiastic. They speak of an extended crisis that could well extend for several years.

It is therefore a case to be followed …