PS5: the Sony Console Chip Soon to be Used in Gaming PCs?

PS5: the Sony Console Chip Soon to be Used in Gaming PCs?

To the delight of gamers, AMD is preparing to equip its PCs with the same chip as the one available on the PS5!

The very famous American company AMD has just made a very big announcement… It, therefore, wishes to integrate the PS5 chip into its future mid-range PCs! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.


As you probably know, Sony, therefore, requested the services of the American manufacturer AMD for the creation of its new chip. It is found in particular in the PS5.

It is largely thanks to this that the new Japanese console is established on the market as the benchmark of the new generation of consoles.

Indeed, it presents incredible capabilities that seem to exceed the expectations of both companies. And AMD intends to take advantage of it.

Not long ago, the very famous company announced that it wanted to integrate the famous chip into its next mid-range PCs. Yes, you did hear it.

These would then have the same graphics capabilities as the PS5. And this at an unbeatable price. Here is a tempting offer.

The company talks about 80 different models and then promises very affordable prices. Of course, the best PCs have a much better motherboard.

The new Japanese console does not compete with these. It’s hard to beat a computer optimized for gaming. But it is still very qualitative and thus seems to satisfy players who prefer to play on a console with a controller.

While many welcome this news very well, others accuse AMD of reserving the chips and therefore of slowing down the production of PlayStation 5.

However, the very famous American company denies the facts with which it is accused and thus ensures to keep its commitment with Sony. MCE TV tells you more.

PS5: the Sony Console Chip Soon to be Used in Gaming PCs?


For long months before its release, Sony fueled the mystery around its new little gem . The Japanese firm knows how to make the mouths of its customers!

Intrigued, players around the world flocked en masse to physical and virtual stores to get the famous PS5.

And yet, they do not seem disappointed. The new Japanese console meets the expectations of those who have been impatiently waiting for it. It is a successful bet for Sony which once again keeps its promises.

But the very famous Japanese company is still facing a major problem … It is unable to meet demand! Yes, you did hear it.

For several months now, the technology sector has suffered an unprecedented shortage of components. And that of video games is hit hard!

However, the electronics giant remains optimistic and even talks of a return to normal for the holiday season. No, you’re not dreaming!

But for their part, the experts are much less enthusiastic … They evoke an extended crisis which could well and truly extend until the year 2023.

Will the PS5 make a comeback before the end of the year? In any case, this is what the players are hoping for.