Ranveer Singh’s New Photo Shoot is Getting Interesting Comments from Social Media Users

Ranveer Singh's New Photo Shoot is Getting Interesting Comments from Social Media Users

Quora News: Ranveer Singh’s long hair is the center of attention of social media users in the photos of the photoshoot. Photo: Instagram

Apart from acting, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is also known for his unique fashion style and often the style of his clothes attracts people and he also gets comments from social media users.

Ranveer Singh once again surprised the fans in the photos of his recent photoshoot shared on his social media accounts.

According to the report of NDTV, this time the focus of social media users is Ranveer Singh’s long hair in which he looks completely different.

In the photoshoot, Ranveer Singh, dressed in a blue tracksuit, was seen wearing a gold necklace with long hair and a red hat on his head.

In the caption of the post shared on Instagram, he wrote “Alessandro, my dear.”

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Ranveer Singh’s outfit shows that he has named his look after Alessandro Mitchell, the creative director of Gucci, who has such long hair in real life.

For the photo shoot, Ranveer Singh used unusual items and handbags from Gold Nick Piece and Gucci’s Jackie 1961 collection.

Ranveer Singh also wrote the hashtag of the well-known brand Gucci in the caption of the photos, meaning that this photo shoot has been done especially for that brand.

However, the photos of this photoshoot of actor Ranveer Singh went viral and users are making humorous comments in the form of memes.

One user wrote that “Deepika was seen from a distance and Ranveer Singh was taking photos.”

“Ranveer Singh’s role as Allauddin Khilji may look like this in the 21st century,” wrote a Twitter handle called Rohintak.

“I kept my friends’ seat in the general compartment,” wrote the Twitter handle.

Another user wrote that a new PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has been introduced in the market for influencers.

Similarly, another user called this photoshoot a 10-year challenge.