When Faiz Ahmed Faiz Tried to Get Dilip Kumar’s Autograph

When Faiz Ahmed Faiz Tried to Get Dilip Kumar's Autograph

Quora News: Emperor Emotions During the heyday of actor Dilip Kumar, sixty years ago today. 

the famous poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz was on his way to India for a poetry and literary conference when his daughter Saleema Hashmi asked her father to read Dilip Kumar’s autograph. Definitely bring it from there.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz went to India and returned to Lahore a few days after completing his visit. Faiz Ahmed Faiz got nervous, to which his daughter asked ‘Didn’t meet Dilip Kumar’, to which Faiz Ahmed Faiz said no. Salima writes that that day I realized that my father is also a famous man.