871 Afghans Aboard 150-Passenger Plane, Photo Goes Viral

871 Afghans Aboard 150-Passenger Plane, Photo Goes Viral

The rush of Afghans seeking to leave Afghanistan intensified at the capital’s international airport on Sunday, August 15, when the Taliban entered Kabul after the sudden flight of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani from the country.

Thousands of Afghans arrived at the Hamid Karzai International Airport who wanted to leave Afghanistan in any case, but the flight operation was canceled due to the deteriorating situation, much to the frustration of Afghans.

During this time, several tragic incidents took place at the airport, 3 people were killed by hanging from a US Air Force plane, in addition, 5 people were killed as a result of firing by US troops.

Hundreds of Afghans tried to board a US Air Force Boeing C-17 en route to Kabul to evacuate US citizens from Afghanistan, and a large number of Afghans managed to board.

A photo of the inside of the plane has been released by the US Air Force, which shows a large number of Afghan men, women, and children sitting on the floor in addition to the seats of the plane.

According to the report, the plane from Kabul to Qatar normally has a capacity of 150 soldiers but 640 Afghan civilians were also on board and the pilot decided to take them to Qatar instead of landing them and wasting more time. Arrived in Qatar with 871 passengers.

According to the report, 871 people are the largest number of passengers on any Boeing C-17 aircraft.