9-year-old Dalit girl raped and killed in India

9-year-old Dalit girl raped and killed in India

A 9-year-old girl belonging to the Dalit community was killed after being gang-raped in the Indian capital New Delhi.

 According to Indian media reports, the girl’s family alleged that a Hindu priest and his accomplices working in a local cemetery on Sunday raped their daughter and then killed her without her permission. Perform rituals.

The girl’s family and various social activists protested in New Delhi against the murder and demanded justice.

According to the Indian News Agency, after three days of protests, the Chief Minister has ordered a judicial inquiry into the incident.

In this regard, the local police said that the girl was killed after being raped on Sunday while 4 people have been arrested.

 According to reports, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi met the victim’s family and said that the daughter of the country deserves justice and we are with the victim’s family.

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