A Viral Image of Pakistan Sold for Millions of Rupees At An Online Auction

A Viral Image of Pakistan Sold for Millions of Rupees At An Online Auction

Pakistan’s most popular meme or viral image ‘Friendship and Mudassar’ has sold for millions of rupees on an online platform.

Platform Alter, based in Lahore and London, auctioned the image at 20 Ethereum, a price equivalent to PKR 84.62 million.

This photoshop photo was posted on Facebook by Muhammad Asif Raza Rana from Gujranwala in 2015, which became the center of global attention after it went viral in Pakistan.

Later, she was considered the greatest meme of all time.

In this Facebook post, Mohammad Asif Raza withdrew the title of best friend from Mudassir Ismail Ahmed and told the story of their friendship with Salman Ahmed.

Muhammad Asif’s alleged friendship with Mudassar was due to his alleged selfishness, excessive arrogance and selfishness.

Alter co-founder Zain Naqvi told the media that the image was sold on the largest NFT listing platform.

“It’s a life-changing moment for memes makers,” he said.

Interestingly, the friendship was announced to end in 2015, but now Muhammad Asif, Mudassar and Salman are all three best friends.

After the photo auction, the three friends said during live streaming on Facebook that we are all together and meet often, while they also talked about how to spend the money from the auction.

“I am grateful to all the bidders who bid on the message of the end of friendship,” Asif said, referring to the auction.

The latest Facebook video shows that in 6 years, Asif and Mudassar have changed a lot, but Salman has not changed much.

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