Fake Twitter Accounts Against Pakistan Revealed

Fake Twitter Accounts Against Pakistan Revealed

This has been revealed in the research report released by The view lytics research company.

 According to the research company, this trend started in June 2021 with 4 fake accounts, which was followed by 23 accounts related to fake accounts, 200,000 tweets were made from 1st to 8th August, after which the reality of this Twitter trend was exposed.

According to the research report, the hashtag “Sanction Pakistan” first appeared on June 30, 2021, in which 23 tweets were made in 1 hour using 4 fake accounts and in July 2021, an average of 400 tweets and retweets appeared.

When the desired results were not achieved, efforts were made in August to further this trend and fake profiles were used extensively.

In addition, 10,000 tweets, retweets or replies were received from August 1 to 8, while more than 200,000 tweets, retweets and replies appeared on August 9, and this trend began to show in Pakistan, India and the United Arab Emirates. 

When you look at the top 20 Twitter profiles that have the most proliferation of this hashtag, it turns out that 80% of them were fake.

Behind these accounts came the same 4 profiles that used this hashtag for the first time.

According to the research company, this trend was spread through other fake profiles instead of these profiles in order to avoid the Twitter algorithm of recognizing fake trends and not to ban profiles.

In addition, out of 4 fake accounts launching the Sanction Pakistan hashtag, 3 accounts were created this year while the old ID was activated in one account.

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