Shooting in British City of Plymouth, Five Killed

Shooting in British City of Plymouth, Five Killed
A man has attacked a British coastal town of Plymouth with a firearm, killing five people. Photo: BBC

LONDON: A man has shot dead five people in the British city of Plymouth. However, the assailant was also killed in the police firing and the incident has not been termed as an act of terrorism.

Other sources make it clear that the death toll from the attack could be much higher. According to police, the incident took place at around 6:00 pm in the Kehim area.

Police have advised citizens to stay home after the incident and not to be intimidated by rumors. Police have also told people to refrain from posting pictures of the dead on social media if they have them.

Eleven years later, a massacre took place in Britain where five people, including a 3-year-old child, were killed in a shooting.

Police are investigating the background of the assailant, who had a firearms license, AFP reported.

Police are still trying to determine the cause of the bloody attack on 22-year-old Jack Davison, a gunman who shot himself six minutes later in a residential area of ​​Plymouth in the south-west of England. The area is not far from the largest naval base in Western Europe.

Devon and Cornwall police have ruled out linking the incident to right-wing extremist groups, including terrorism.

He said the attacker had a good relationship with the 51-year-old victim, but did not confirm reports that she was the attacker’s mother.

Police say Davison shot a 3-year-old boy and killed his 43-year-old companion on the side of the road after killing the woman in their home and also targeted another woman and a man nearby.

Chief Constable Shawn Sevier told reporters that two other civilians were also wounded in the shooting, but that they were not fatal, since Davison had obtained a firearms license in 2020.

National and international leaders expressed outrage after the incident, while questions were raised about Davison’s past activities and police response, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked the emergency services.

“I extend my heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of all those killed in Plymouth last night,” Johnson said in a statement on the social networking site Twitter.

Strict gun laws

Davison also shot himself, after which a gun was recovered from the scene, but police chiefs were unable to say if it was a pump-action shotgun.

The UK is one of the few European countries where weapons are strictly enforced and the police are generally unarmed.

The private ownership of handguns was outlawed after the 1996 school massacre in Dunblin, Scotland.

It is to be noted that 16 school children and their teacher were killed in this incident which took place in 1996 and this incident is considered to be the worst incident in the history of Britain till date.

Sporting rifles and shotguns are allowed in the UK under strict licensing rules.

In June 2010, taxi driver Derek Bird killed 12 people in the Cumbria area of north-west England.

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