FIFA 22: Top 10 Central Defenders To Sign in Career Mode!

FIFA 22: Top 10 Central Defenders To Sign in Career Mode!

The FIFA 22 game fulfills all its promises on PS5. Zoom in on these 10 central defenders that must be signed in career mode!

The FIFA 22 video game was therefore eagerly awaited by gamers around the world. And the least we can say is that they are not disappointed by this game. Therefore, offers you a top 10 central defenders to sign in career mode.


We start this top 10 with Márton Dárdai. He is therefore one of the strongest defenders you can find in the FIFA 22 video game.

Márton Dárdai is none other than a German defender. At only 18, the latter is part of the Hertha Berlin team and is fighting for the title in the Blue and White team. Regarding his rating, it is 69 with a potential of 83.


We continue with Leonidas Stergiou. This defender can take you far in the game FIFA 22 as his progress is exponential.

The Swiss league player is hard at work. He has repeatedly shown that he can improve time and time again to become one of the most powerful players of his generation.

He is therefore considered one of the best Swiss full-backs. And he is already sought after by internationally renowned teams. His grade? 67. And it’s potential: 86.


The third player to have as a defender: Armel Bella-Kotchap. The only 19-year-old plays for VfL Bochum and his performances are excellent.

With his exceptional physique, his speed, and his technicality, he will help you in defense and will become an element that you will not be able to do without.


Fourth defender worth a look: Marc Guéhi. It is therefore surely one of the players with the most beautiful evolution during the year 2021.

The Crystal Palace defender is 21 and therefore has a good body. His power makes him one of the strongest central in the English team. Note: 67 Potential: 86


Another good element to have in defense: David Carmo. This 22-year-old footballer with exceptional prowess can therefore take you far. Very far.

The Portuguese player plays in the Primeira Liga with Braga and therefore stands out for his slim and athletic body. He also measures 1 meter 96. He will be a very good element in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: Top 10 Central Defenders To Sign in Career Mode!
FIFA 22 – Top 10 Center Defenders To Sign In Career Mode!


England defender Jarrad Branthwaite is therefore another important element. It was obvious to include him in this top 10, as his precision is a force in defense.

At 19, the rampart militates in Everton. It therefore also measures 1 meter 96, which makes it infallible to corner loads. As for his score, it stands at 66. With a potential of 84.


At 19, central defender Ziga Laci is therefore part of the squad of AEK Athens. The native Slovenian is one of the essentials of coach Manolo Jiménez.

Very competent on the pitch, the player is therefore a versatile defender. He can also play well as a central defender as a corridor at both ends. Follow very closely…


We continue with Odilon Kossounou. At the height of his 20 years, he is therefore starting to be one of the centerpieces of the Bayer Leverkusen team.

Whoever was born in Ivory Coast has grown in leaps and bounds in recent months. Today, its market value is therefore 23 million dollars. This talent is worth gold and in the field too!


He is one of the best candidates to employ him in career mode. The Slovak, therefore, has the advantage of being a large element, even if that does not make him slower.

One of his main skills is therefore speeding with the ball, but also the opportune crosses. He will be perfect as a great defender on FIFA 22.


We finish this top 10 with Jurriën Timber. The latter is therefore one of the best players you can find in the game. The one who plays at Ajax is 20 years old and he is one of the hopes of international football.

Great sprinter on the pitch, so he will be able to take your team very far, so don’t lose sight of him when building your squad in FIFA 22.