Humans have been obsessed with red apples for generations, but now rising temperatures can dispel the scent of red-like roses.

Red apple: How the attraction of red taking us away from the taste?

There are no two opinions that the example of a good apple is a red apple in our mind. Fruit shops may have yellow and green apples anywhere. In some places, you will also find variations in it where stripes and colorful apples will also appear, such as the beautiful variety of apples called cocks in the UK.

But when children's books are made of apple, red or sometimes pure green, green Smith apples are visible. This is interesting because apples have never been one color.

The ancestors of modern-day apples are found on the western slopes of the mountains on the China border in Kazakhstan. Even today, wild apples grow there and the atmosphere smells of fallen fruits that become the food of bears roaming the forest.

Red apple: How the attraction of red taking us away from the taste?

One year non-perishable apples are available in America.

Its price has not been revealed yet but it is believed that people will share it on Instagram.

A new type of apple that has taken two decades to prepare can potentially be left unattended in the refrigerator for up to a year and begins selling in the United States starting Sunday.

This new type of apple has been named 'Cosmic Crisp' and has come into being with Honey Crisp and Enterprise Apple Apples. He was first born in 1997 at Washington State University.

The launch of this 'solid, aged, and juicy apple' has cost US $ 10 million.

Washington state farmers will be allowed to cultivate it in the coming decade.

Kate Evans, co-head of this apple growing and growing at Washington State University, said: "It's a very aged apple, it's relatively tough, it has a good balance of truffles and is very juicy.
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