Fortnite Becomes The First Video Game To Run on Unreal Engine 5!

Fortnite Becomes The First Video Game To Run on Unreal Engine 5!

Fortnite has just changed engines. From now on, the video game from Epic Games should run on Unreal Engine 5.

Good news for Fortnite video game enthusiasts! The creation of Epic Games is the first to run on Unreal Engine 5.


Epic Games has conquered the different generations with its Fortnite video game. Indeed, since the release of the Battle Royale mode, more and more players are participating in the experience.

At the time of setting up this new adventure, PlayStation wanted to know more about the success of the game. And the least we can say is that even  Eric Williamson did not expect such fallout.

So, the head of design at Fortnite said, “  We are blown away by this success. We are extremely excited that players are enjoying the game and that it allows them to have a great time together! “

And if the creation of Epic Games is successful, it is in particular thanks to constant updates. Eh yes! The developers do everything in their power to improve the adventure.

With each new season, many new products enhance the experience. Moreover, Eric Williamson specifies it. According to him :

“The team is constantly looking to improve everything at all levels, and a lot of it is based on player feedback. Whether it’s improving performance, creating new content, or updating existing game elements, we’re always looking to improve the experience. “

Good news for gamers who are unlikely to get bored! “We like to surprise players,” even added the designer.

And to allow players to discover new things, it seems that Epic Games has put the dishes in the big ones for chapter 3 of Fortnite.


Chapter 3 is indeed here! A new playground is therefore available. And the least we can say is that the gamers are in heaven.

Moreover, the map is not the only one to have changed. Quite the contrary. Eh yes ! It would appear that the engine is also different. This time, Fortnite is running on Unreal Engine 5.

“With the arrival of Chapter 3, the development of Fortnite moved to Unreal Engine 5 . We are excited to share this trip with you and are working to make it the best possible experience for the entire Fortnite community. “

This is particularly what we could read on Twitter. A big announcement that did not fail to make the players react. You will have understood then, Fortnite is the very first video game to have the chance to use this engine.

For the moment, however, there are no big differences. But do not panic! This should in particular allow the developer to offer even more new features.

It remains to be seen what the creators have in store for us. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that there is a risk of unanimity!