Fortnite Chapter 3: These Tips To Ignite Other Players!

Fortnite Chapter 3: These Tips To Ignite Other Players!

Our colleagues from Screenrant have just unveiled some tips to ignite players in Chapter 3 of Fortnite.

For several days now, Fortnite fans can try out the new features inserted in the game. Indeed, the battle royal of Epic Games has just unveiled Chapter 3 and many things should be noted. Although there are a lot of changes, there is always room to ignite the players.


This will also serve you for a mission. However, before we get into setting your enemies on fire, let’s take a look at another way to kill your rivals. Because yes, in addition to being able to do it with weapons or set them on fire, other means exist.

And this is even more with the arrival of Chapter 3 on Fortnite. If you didn’t know it yet, it’s possible to cut down an enemy using a tree. Indeed, Mother Nature helps you survive on this dangerous island.

But how should you go about it? At first, know that this remains possible only since the arrival of Chapter 3. Because before that, a tree could not kill another player. We had to wait for a video from a Reddit user to see that this was possible.

The user in question let it know that you have to go to a specific location on the map to be able to do so. If you’ve ever played the new chapter of Fortnite, you know that the map has hosted a great deal of snow. This is exactly where you need to go.

Because in this place you can find special trees. Capable of falling when shot. You will have understood it, you will have to shoot them, when a player passes nearby, in order to make him fall on them.

If you can coordinate your shot with your rival’s passing, you might register a new kill. But if this technique is too “easy” for you, you can always try to set other members of the community on fire.

Fortnite Chapter 3: These Tips To Ignite Other Players!


Indeed, a mission asks you to ignite several players to complete it. But some still don’t know how to do it. For that, nothing could be simpler, or almost. Indeed, you are going to need flammable ammunition: fireflies.

Those who have been playing Fortnite for a while already know what we are talking about. Indeed, these were added to the game in June 2020. Fireflies are a resource to be collected in nature. For this, you will only need to approach and press the interaction button to collect them in a Firefly pot.

Once done, the Firefly jar can then be used as a disposable explosive. This is done in order to set fire to players and nearby flammable objects, such as wooden structures. But to succeed in your mission, we advise you to get into Team Rumble mode.

While playing this mode, take a tour to the snowy wooded area southwest of Corny Crossroads. Here, players can find plenty of fireflies to catch for the Firefly Jar Flame Grenades. This should make the quest easier for you to do.

Be aware that you will have to calculate your launch on Fortnite. This does not automatically target your enemy. You will have to show patience and strategy above all.