How To Resell Your Christmas Gifts Online 2021?

How To Resell Your Christmas 2021 Gifts Online

This year again, some 2021 Christmas gifts will not be to your liking! Then discover the best tips for reselling them!

Christmas Eve 2021 is approaching! Only a few hours left to discover his gifts. But what to do when these do not suit us? QUORA TV gives you advice on how to resell them!


At Christmas, tradition dictates that we give ourselves gifts. There is indeed no greater joy than unwrapping multiple colorful packages under the tree. 

Yes, but here it is, sometimes the disappointment is also at the rendezvous! Indeed, who has never experienced a feeling of embarrassment in front of Tata Josette’s gift or the very ugly sweater offered by Grandma?

So to avoid the syndrome of “Santa Claus is garbage” (see the vest/mop scene), we know, from the day after New Year’s Eve, many people will rush to online resale sites …

The goal? Spend the gifts of this Christmas 2021 that they do not want and recover the money so that they can then buy something that suits them better. All of this in the utmost discretion, of course!

Reselling Christmas gifts has become a common practice since the emergence of the internet. Today, many sites offer you to get rid of superfluous gifts against hard and loose change.

So after all, as much as that book or that DVD you don’t want serves someone, right? But to succeed in quickly selling the item you no longer want, a few tips are in order. MCE TV tells you more …

Don’t skimp on the quality of the photos

First, be sure to take a clear photo of your property for sale. A good photo can often quickly attract more buyers than a blurry, poorly framed, or poorly lit one.

Then be sure to re-sell your 2021 Christmas present for the right price. Too high a price can indeed scare away potential buyers. Keep in mind that it will nevertheless be difficult for you to resell it at a cost price.

Bet on the best-referenced sites

So do not hesitate to reasonably lower its price by a few euros. To succeed in selling quickly, also bet on the most popular dedicated sites. We are of course thinking of the essential Leboncoin. But also at Vinted and MarketPlace.

The little extra: these platforms now make it possible to buy and sell at a distance. You don’t need the buyer to live in your area. As far as possible, you will be able to ship your item to the other end of France at no additional cost to you.

Prioritize your sales of Christmas Gifts

If you want to resell several things that were offered to you during Christmas 2021, start by sorting them out. Because you should know that some products are resold more easily than others.

Thus, designer clothes, video games, and consoles, or hi-tech devices will very easily find buyers. On the other hand, this is less the case for books or even certain decorative objects whose appreciation remains subjective.

Donate your gifts in Charity

Finally, if you can’t resell your Christmas 2021 gifts, why not do an act of charity? You can also, if you feel like it, donate these to a benefactor association like Emmaüs.

This will then be an opportunity for you to discreetly get rid of your unnecessary gifts. While showing generosity this Christmas period! A nice gesture that will be to your credit.